Cachya 2.1

Cachya is real time, 6DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) head tracking software
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Cachya Software

Cachya is real time, 6DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) head tracking software. It analyzes an input video stream, looks for a unique SIGN that can be put on user's hat, and determines head position and movement. There is no requirement for costly or specialized hardware. A regular webcam will provide excellent results!
Cachya not only detects positions, with the help of its pre-determined mathematical model, it can also predict head movement according to historical data. This results in continuous, smooth and accurate outputs.
Cachya can simulate a mouse device and translate head movements into its horizontal, vertical and wheel outputs.

As a virtual device, Cachya simulates a 6-axes joystick. Each axis reflects one of the six degrees of freedom.
The virtual joystick device has an 8-way pov button and 4 pairs of switch buttons being controlled by user's head position.
Axes or buttons can also be mapped to physical game controller.

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